Sunday, 13 January 2013

Eyeshadow colours for brown eyes: plum mauve nude eye look

If you would like to enhance your brown eyes with a nude look why not try a plum mauve eye shadow?

Nars Charade

Nars charade, Bobbi Brown Bone, ByTerry 2-Brown Stellar, MUFE smoky lash

Eye shadows used to create the look:

Bobbi Brown Bone, 17 Wild Metallic Eyes in Wild Nude, Nars Charade

17 wild Metallics Eyes cream eyeshadow in Wild Nude (a slightly shimmery pale mauve) from Boots as a base. 
Both shades of Nars duo eye shadow in Charade (matte smoky plum/muted mauve) up to the crease. 

Bobbi Brown single eye shadow in Bone (off white) under the brow bone.

Other products:
ByTerry Crayon Khol Terrybly in 2-Brown Stellar  smudged along the lash line.
One coat of Make Up Forever Smoky Lash mascara in Extra Black.
In my opinion these shades look beautiful not only on brown eyes but also green and blue eyes as well. 

More pictures...

17 wild Metallics Eyes cream eyeshadow in Wild Nude

Nars duo eye shadow in Charade


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