Friday, 15 March 2013

Beauty from the baby aisle

Since I became a mum seven years ago, I have been browsing the baby aisle in Boots nearly every day and I have discovered a few products, designed for babies, which double up as beauty products for grown ups.

One product I cannot live without is of course baby wipes, like Huggies pure baby wipes (alcohol & fragrance free), which are not only good for wiping bottoms, but excellent for removing makeup (especially mistakes) in a whim. They used to be quite expensive when my daughter was born but now you can get a packet of 64 wipes for £1 because they are often on special offer.

Huggies Pure Simple wipes

And what about the classic baby talcum powder? I sometimes use Johnson's baby powder as a dry shampoo to refresh my hair when I have not had time to wash it and a little goes a long way.

johnson's baby powder

Tommee tippee closer to nature hand serum has recently become another favourite of mine because is one of few hand sanitisers which does not dry out my hands since it does not contain alcohol nor bleach. This gel is claimed to kills 99% bacteria and viruses and to provide protection from germs up to six hours (click here for the product specification)The 50 ml bottle  is handy to carry in my bag to quickly wash big and little hands when 'soap and water' is not available or to dab on a sudden spot to keep it at bay in 'emergency'. 

Tommee tippee closer to nature hand serum

Moreover I often use Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes not only to clean and disinfect baby's stuff on the go, but also my tweezers, make up bag and cosmetic packaging (when I remember!). They come in a packet of 30 fragrance free, biodegradable wipes and  contain 36.17% w/w ethylic alcohol and kill 99% of germs.

Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

Last but not least, have you ever noticed that cotton wool pads displayed in the baby aisle are cheaper than the ones available in the regular toiletry aisle?
For example a packet of 100 Boots Essential Cotton Wool Pads that you find in the baby aisle costs £1.39, whereas a packet of 100 Boots Cotton Wool pads (same shape and size)  costs £1.69 and I cannot tell the difference in quality. Since I discovered that, I have  picked up all my toiletry essentials from the baby aisle.

What are your favourite 'double agent' baby products? 


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