Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My top ten Bobbi Brown blushes

One of my favourite makeup products is blush because a touch of colour on your cheeks is the perfect pick me up and pulls a makeup look together. 
One of my favourite brand for blushes is Bobbi Brown, because they come in a fabulous range of colours, are pigmented, long lasting, do not break me out and even though they are 'high end' they are still cheaper then other famous brands.
Here are my top ten Bobbi Brown blushes grouped by matte, shimmery and creamy. 

Bobbi Brown Blush Desert Rose, Desert Pink, Tawny, Nectar, Pale Pink

The five blushes in the above picture are all matte.
On Bobbi Brown  web site Desert Rose is described  as a 'muted pinky brown' and in my opinion it is a neutral light pink that you can apply with your eyes shut and gives you a touch of a natural healthy glow.
Desert Pink is described as a soft natural pink and for me it is a warm light pink, slightly deeper than Desert Rose, but still very easy to apply without going overboard. If your skin is fair both Desert Rose and Desert Pink are very wearable and will work  with any look.
Tawny is described as a medium pinky brown and although it suits my colouring very well, by adding a nice warmth to my completion and making my brown eyes pop, I need to be light handed when applying it on my fair skin.
Nectar is indeed a bright pink coral and Pale Pink is a bright cool pink and both work well as a pop of colour for an outdoorsy glow on top of bronzer or of a natural blush. Although I expected a warm shade like Nectar to suit my colouring better than a cool shade like Pale Pink, I actually find the latter more flattering on me.

Bobbi Brown Blush swatches Desert Rose, Desert Pink, Tawny, Nectar, Pale Pink

The next three blushes are shimmery but very wearable because the shimmer is finely milled.

Bobbi Brown shimmery blush Coral, Bahama Brown, Washed Rose

Coral is a soft coral, almost tangerine colour and it looks juicy when paired with a red lipstick.
Bahama Brown, a neutral-cool mauve brown, does not look appealing in the pan, which may be one reason why it has been discontinued (?), but it turns into a very natural bronzy glow on the skin and works well with a pop of a brighter colour on top, such as Pale Pink or Washed Rose.
Washed Rose, described as a warm rose sugar, is a beautiful shimmery rose which looks very flattering on   brunettes.

Bobbi Brown shimmery blush swatches Coral, Bahama Brown, Washed Rose

The last two blushes are the famous creamy Pot Rouge, easy to pat and blend on the apple of the cheeks for a just-pinched look.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink and Pale Pink

Powder Pink is described as a light pink and for me it is a light pinky brown which looks very natural on both warm and cool fair skin tones and goes well with any look, but Pale Pink, a bright pastel pink, gives me more of a healthy look. 

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink and Pale Pink swatches


  1. wow, I never paid much attention to BB's blushes...these are beautiful! I'll definitely be looking into these. Thank you for the lovely post!

  2. You are welcome, it is nice to share tips! I think BB blushes are worth a try. Their shades may look bright at first sight but they look more natural on the skin. Moreover Bobbi has recently come up with more subtle shades of pink and peach like Pastel Pink, Nude Pink, Nude Peach...thank you too for your feedback.

  3. Washed rose is so beautiful!

  4. I agree, it is one of my favourites. Thank you for your comment!

  5. Awesome swatches! I'm thinking about picking up Pale Pink :)


  6. Great post! I really needed to see some swatches before I made my purchase!