Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nail polish Potion by Number 17: a mesmerising shade of peridot green

A few weeks ago, while browsing in the House of Fraser in Leamington Spa, a bottle of Chanel nail varnish in Peridot caught my eye but I refrained from buying it because of its hefty price tag (and I am not even sure it was still in stock)...after all (I tried to talk myself out of it) how often am I going to wear green on my nails, right? Wrong, because this is not just green but jewel green! So, I got so obsessed with the shade that I had to look for something similar at a friendlier price and at last I have found a mesmerising shade of  olive green with a hint of gold, which resembles the infamous Chanel Peridot very closely:
Potion by Number 17 from Boots for only £2.99!
The varnish itself is quite easy to apply and it dries quite quicky. In order to achieve the same intensity as in the bottle you need to apply 3 coats...I do not know how long it lasts for yet because I have just applied it but I will update this post later on. 

And if you leave in the UK, at the moment in Boots there is an offer 'Buy one, get a second one half price' on all Number 17 products! 

Here are some pictures 

Nail polish Potion by Number 17

Nail polish Potion by Number 17 swatches

Nail polish Potion by Number 17 swatches


  1. I love how pretty Peridot is, and it is an all-around-the-year shade. But this is such a close dupe! I'm going to keep my eyes open for dupes which don't cost as much x
    My Beauty Junction

  2. That does look really close the Peridot! It's great you could find an inexpensive dupe :) OPI Just Spotted the Lizard is also a dupe for Peridot too, I believe.