Thursday, 16 May 2013

Best bugdet powder blushes: Bourjois little pot blush and Kiko soft touch blush

Since blush is one of my favourite makeup products, I have  always bought high end blushes in the belief that you get what you pay for, till I recently caved in to the temptation to try the inexpensive Bourjois little pot  powder blushes and Kiko soft blush and I have been impressed with their good quality. 

As you may well know, Bourjois little pot blushes are housed in a pretty round pot, which is the same colour of the blush inside and it includes a mirror and a brush. Even though the brush is quite small and thin, it does a decent job at picking up the powder and evenly swiping it on the cheeks thanks to its firm but not too scratchy bristles and its curved shape.  The texture of these blushes is fine, lightweight and a bit dry but easy to blend. The wide array of shades and finishes (mat, satin, shimmery) is a step above from the usually limited drug store range of colours and effects. I am not mad about the scent of these blushes but at least it does not linger. The staying power on the skin is quite good. Most of all I love the natural glow that these blushes impart to my cheeks.

My favourite Bourjois powder blushes are Brun Cuivre (Copper Brown), Rose de Jaspe (Jaspe Rose) and Lilas d'Or (Golden Lilac).

Brun Cuivre is a light coppery brown and it reminds me a little bit of Nars Luster even though it is not as shimmery. I love how it imparts a warm glow to my cheeks for a sunny look. 
Rose de Jaspe is a delicate warm pink with silver shimmer. The shimmer looks more subtle on the skin than in the pot.
Lilas d'Or is a warm rose with golden shimmer. Even in this case it looks more shimmery in the pot than on the cheeks. 

Bourjois blush in Brun Cuivre, Rose de Jaspe, Lilas d'Or

Bourjois blush in Brun Cuivre, Rose de Jaspe, Lilas d'Or

Bourjois blush swatches: Brun Cuivre, Rose de Jaspe, Lilas d'Or

Another bargain blush is Kiko Soft Touch Blush which was recommended to me by my  mum (related post here). As the name of this blush implies the texture of the powder is velvety and does not tend to harden with wear like Bourjois does. It is also fairly pigmented and buildable, easy to apply and quite longlasting. The shade in the picture is 104 Pastel Pink, a beautiful rosy pink with a hint of shimmer which imparts a healthy flush to the face.

Kiko Soft Touch Blush in 104 Pastel Pink

Kiko Soft Touch blush in 104 Pastel Pink

So you can get a healthy glow on your cheeks while retaining a healthy account in your bank! 
What are your favourite bargain blushes?

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