Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review: Diego dalla Palma fluid foundation

As soon as I realized that Marks and Spencer were selling Diego dalla Palma cosmetics, I got really excited not only because these products are 'made in Italy' but especially because they are of high professional quality and deserve a place in every woman's beauty case. 

So last weekend I headed to a large M&S and among a few  interesting products  I picked up Diego dalla Palma lightening (or  illuminating)  fluid foundation in shade 21 and Diego dalla Palma lifting concealer in shade 100 and here is what I think about the foundation (click here for a review of the concealer). 

Diego dalla Palma Lightening foundation 21 and Diego dalla Palma Lifting concealer 100 swatches

Diego dalla Palma lightening fluid foundation is a fluid base which starts with a lightweight creamy texture and sets to an attractive  glow finish without looking sparkling or greasy. Coverage is light to medium. I love how it manages to blur away my imperfections while looking natural also when I build it up on critical areas.
The shade 21, a slightly warm ivory, is the lightest shade and it is ever so slightly darker than my winter skin tone but it looks perfect for the sunny season. Moreover the colour stays true all day without oxidizing. On me this foundation lasts for about 8 hours. 
For me this is the first ever foundation that does not pool in my pores or creases at all, not even at the end of the day.
It is fairly easy to apply with my fingers but because it tends to set quite quickly I pat and blend a small amount at a time to the different areas of my face. 
It is a pity though that this foundation does not come in a wider range of shades, like for example a porcelain shade for very pale ladies or a very dark shade. Moreover the company says on  their web site that this foundation contains both inorganic and organic sun filters and they mention a 'theoretical SPF 13-15' but they do not provide any SPF rating on the foundation packaging. I guess that the inorganic filter they refer to is ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate (third position in the product's list of ingredients) and that the organic  filter is probably mica (fourth position in the ingredients list). In fact ethylhexil methoxicinnamate protects against UVB rays (which cause sun burn), whereas mica  'may' protect from UVA rays (which cause long term damages to the skin) but in absence of a clear and official labelling on this product packaging, I would personally use  a separate  UVB/UVA sunscreen under this foundation to make it sure I get adequate sun protection.
Even though it is quite expensive (£27.50 for 25ml) a little goes a long way and inspite of the dubious sun protection it is a great every day foundation which is worth the splurge.

Here is a picture of me wearing both the foundation and the concealer.

Diego dalla Palma foundation 21 and concealer 100