Monday, 17 June 2013

Laura Geller Balance - N - Brighten in Fair review and pictures

I have never been a great fan of powder foundation, which I tend to find a bit cakey, but let us see if Laura Geller Balance - N- Brighten has changed my mind...

Laura Geller Balance - N - Brighten in fair and Blush - N - Brighten in roseberry

I had wanted to try Laura Geller baked products for a while both because of the raves about them and because of their beautiful marbled patterns, so that I ended up getting a couple of products: Balance - N - Brighten powder foundation in Fair and  Blush - N - Brighten blush in Roseberry (review here).

Laura Geller Balance - N - Brighten in Fair

The Balance - N - Brighten I bought  from QVC UK includes a retractable brush made of synthetic bristles, which is very useful to carry in your bag for touch-ups or to apply powder in small areas and for putting on blusher, but which is a bit too small to cover your whole face quickly and effectively.

Shade Fair consists of a marbled pattern of beige, yellow and tan which once applied to my face results in a translucent beige, which looks ever so slightly darker than my skin tone. The powder has a smooth but dry texture that applies sheer but builds well to cover critical areas, even though it takes a few layers to achieve such effect and the more I build it up the more made-up and less natural I look. Even though it feels matte and a bit dry, it leaves a soft glow on skin.
If I apply it without primer it tends to pool into my pores and enhance my few wrinkles just like any powder foundation can do, but if I apply it with a primer it seems to glide over my skin rather then sink into my pores and it looks more natural.
After using it for a week I have also experienced few extra breakouts. 

Overall I think that this is a good powder foundation, even though it does not wow me or make me change my mind on powder foundations and I still prefer using a tinted moisturizer or a liquid foundation for a more flattering and natural look, at least on my ageing skin.  In my opinion this powder may work well on younger combination to oily skin, not prone to breakouts.

For the ingredients list check out Laura Geller website
Laura Geller is sold in the UK by QVC or Umera Cosmetics.
Have you ever tried this product? What do you think?

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