Monday, 17 June 2013

Make your own Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover

What about making your own gentle, effective and economic eye makeup remover? Follow this recipe...

Homemade Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover Ingredients

150 ml Deionised Water (or tab water) to make 70 ml camomile tea
1 Camomile tea bag
25 g Rice Bran Oil or Sweet Almond Oil 
5 g or 1 tsp gentle and tear free baby shampoo
5 g or 1 tsp Glycerin
0.5 g Phenonip preservative (optional) 
small bottle

After shaking your home made Two Phase Eye Makeup RemoverBefore shaking your home made Two Phase Eye Makeup Remover

How to make it:
First of all wash the bottle that you are going to use as your container with some hot soapy water, boil it for a few minutes so that it will be clean and disinfected and let it cool down .  
Boil 150 ml deionised or tab water and infuse one Camomile tea bag in it for a few minutes.
Once your Camomile tea has cooled down pour 70 ml (or 65 g) of it in your bottle, put it on an electronic scale (if you have got one) and add 25 g Rice Bran Oil (£1.50 from Saynsbury) or another oil like Sweet Almond Oil which should not sting your eyes (I also tried Jojoba Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil but I found that they stung my eyes).
Then add 5 g of a gentle, fragrance and tear-free baby Shampoo such as Nature Babycare ECO Shampoo By Naty (£2.50 from Waitrose)  and 5 g of Glycerin. 
Ideally you may want to add a preservative like Phenonip (0.5 g) that you can buy on line in the UK from e.g.  The Soap Kitchen but if you do not have it, make it sure to store your makeup remover in the fridge for  max a week. 
How to use:
Shake bottle well, pour liquid on a cotton pad/ball and gently swipe on your eyes to remove all your eye makeup in a whim. Rinse with water.

Store in the fridge for a week if preservative free or for a bit longer if you have added preservative

Enjoy and let me know if you make it!

Recipe adapted from 'Lo struccante piu' efficace e naturale al mondo?'  by carlita dolce

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