Monday, 29 July 2013

Review: Nars Pro-Prime Multi Protect primer SPF30

I am not usually a primer person but I have recently been experimenting with primers in order to create the ideal base for powder foundation, which otherwise tends to set into pores and fine lines if worn on top of a standard moisturizer. One of the primer I have been enjoying using is Nars Pro-Prime Multi Protect Primer SPF30 and here are my thoughts.

Nars Pro-Prime Multi Protect Primer SPF30

One of the reasons why I chose this primer is that it contains SPF but when I went to check Paula Choice's review (here) I found out that its active ingredients do not seem to provide sufficient protection against UVA because she says that 'they do not include UVA sunscreens like avobenzone, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, Mexoryl SX (ecamsule) or Tinosorb'.
In fact  Nars Pro-Prime sunscreen ingredients are:  ethylexyl methoxycinnamate also known as octinoxate which protects against UVB, Benzophenone-3 also known as Oxybenzone which protects against both UVB and short UVA, phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid also known as ensulizole (against UVB), octocrylene (against UVB and short UVA). That is to say that this prime provides some protection against both UVB and UVA, at least the short wave UVA. 

Nars Pro-Prime List of IngredientsNars Pro-Prime Multi Protect primer SPF30

I love how this creamy primer feels lightweight on my skin and effectively blurs pores and fine lines and helps any foundation go on smoothly and last longer. I find that it works best under liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer whereas it is a tad too light in texture, but better than nothing, as a base for powder foundation. In fact I think that a primer like Laura Geller Spackle (review here), which is slightly more silicony, may work better under powders.
I also love how Nars Pro-Prime makes my skin feel hydrated so that I can skip moisturizer. Even though it makes my makeup last longer I cannot say that it controls oils as such and in fact I still need to blot my nose after a few hours at least in this hot summer weather but I do not mind. Moreover I have not experienced any pore clogging or breakouts. My only criticism is that it is quite expensive at £25 for 30 ml. Overall it is a nice primer which I can used in place of moisturizer when I fancy a more polished look. 

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