Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer makeup look in 5 minutes: primer with SPF, powder foundation and a pop of colour

As a busy mum of three I am always looking for ways and products to speed up my makeup routine and the latest solution I have come up with is applying a primer with SPF and a powder foundation to create a lightweight but long-wear base, perfect for summer, followed by a pop of blush, a swipe of eye enhancing mascara and a touch of brightening lipstick...all in 5 minutes! 

Here are the products I have used to create my quick summer look:

Nars Pro-Prime Multi Protective Primer SPF 30, which I chose in place of a standard moisturizer with SPF because it prevents the powder foundation from sinking into pores better than a moisturizer does. (Review here)
Laura Geller Balance N Brighten powder foundation in Fair, which I chose for its buildable coverage and luminosity (review here)
Laura Geller Blush N Brighten Blush in Roseberry, which I chose for its beautiful rosy shade (review here)
Laura Geller Double-Dipped Lipstick in Carribean Kiss (pink side), which I chose for its brightening colour
Benefit They Are Real Mascara, which I chose for its smudge proof quality (review here)

Nars Primer SPF 30, Laura Geller Balance N Brighten in Fair, Blush in Roseberry, Lipstick in Carribean Kiss, Benefit Mascara

Here is a picture of my summer look:

Summer makeup look in 5 minutes: primer with SPF and powder foundation

What do you wear in summer?


  1. Whoa...this picture is stunning! LOVE Laura Gellar Baked Blushes...they are so flattering! GREAT post!!

  2. Thank you! I agree with you that Laura Geller Baked Blushes are beautiful and good quality, not to mention that they are made in Italy ;)!