Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bare Minerals Precision Brush vs Jane Iredale The Handi

Both the Jane Iredale The Handi (full review here) and the Bare Minerals Precision Brush are advertised as must-have brushes for applying compact powder foundation. What are the similarities and the differences between the two brushes and which one is best? Here are my thoughts. 

Bare Minerals Precision Brush vs Jane Iredale Handi Brush

The heads of both brushes are similar in size, flat shaped and densely packed with soft bristles to allow full and precise coverage in few simple strokes, not only all over the face but also in tricky areas like under the eyes and around the nose.
The Handi Brush's bristles are cut across straight whereas the precision brush's ones are slightly slanted but this difference does not really matter.
The main difference between the two brushes is that Jane Iredale The Handi's bristles are made of goat hair and tend to splay after washing, whereas Bare Minerals precision brush's bristles are synthetic and never lose their shape thus offering a perfect application every time.

Bare Minerals Precision Brush vs Jane Iredale The Handi

Both brushes' bristles are very soft and comfortable on the skin.
As mentioned above both brushes' bristles are densely packed and tend to pick up and retain a lot of powder, so that you need to be light handed when swirling this type of brush on your compact powder in order to avoid wasting too much product. 
Even though the performance of the two brushes is very similar I find the Bare Minerals Precision Brush to be more reliable and straightforward to use.

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