Friday, 15 November 2013

BareMinerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF15 review, photos, swatches

After getting into mineral makeup a few months ago with Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base and enjoying using it, I could not help trying the first and most famous mineral makeup of them all bareMinerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF15 and here are my thoughts.

One of the reason why I had not tried bareMinerals Original Foundation before is that it is a loose powder which I thought it would have been messy to use and store, but this has not been the case with the 'click, lock, go' system of the present packaging which allows to better control the amount of powder dispensed and to prevent spillage.

bareMinerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF15  click, lock, go

I love the simple formulation and unique coverage of this foundation, even though I found it a little bit trickier to apply and blend than Jane Iredale's Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation SPF20 (review here). I also love that it is more affordable than Jane Iredale's foundations.
The best way for me to apply it is to use about 'half a hole of powder (tapped twice into the lid)' per side of my face for a light to medium coverage and take time to buff and blend it properly with the right brush, in order to achieve a natural, luminous coverage, with a 'creamy' finish rather than a powdery one. If I want more coverage I just apply a second layer of powder.  
In my opinion the best bareMinerals brushes for applying their loose powder foundations are the Full Flawless Brush (made of not so soft but bearable goat hairs) and/or the retractable Buff & Go Brush (made of very soft synthetic bristles).
I personally find that the Full Flawless Brush gives a fuller and more matte coverage but it also feels a bit scratchy. Edit 16/12/13: after washing the brush a few times it has become softer.   
The Buff & Go Brush gives a natural and luminous finish and it feels soft on my skin.
When I use the Full Flawless Brush I buff the foundation onto my skin in SLOW swirling, circular motion. If I buff it in fast motion I end up with irritated skin. When I use the Buff & Go brush instead I apply the foundation in gentle semi-circular strokes. 

bareMinerals Full Flawless and Buff and Go brushes

Shade wise I am currently using Fairly Light a neutral light shade, which is a tad paler than my skin tone but good for winter.

bareMinerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light

bareMinerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light swatch

The shade 'Light' (a warm light shade) would be a great match for summer.
Before applying this foundation I need to prep my skin with a touch of moisturizer and one pump of bareMinerals Prime Time primer. At present I do not feel the need to set the foundation with any extra finish powder, because the Original Foundation is mattifying enough for me.
So far I have not had any issue with the 'infamous' bismuth oxychloride ingredient in bareMinerals Original Foundation, even though I have noticed that if I sweat my skin gets a little bit itchy. If you know that you are sensitive to this ingredient but you still fancy trying bareMinerals, you can opt for their Matte Foundation, which does not contain it or try Jane Iredale's.

wearing bareMinerals Original foundation in Fairly Light


  1. nuovo e interessante per me, voglio scoprirlo!

  2. Allora, te lo regalero' la prossima volta che ci vediamo!

  3. Do u have redness on your face and does the bare minerals foundation cover it up good

  4. Thank you for your question. Yes I have got a little bit of redness in some areas and I am happy with the coverage I get. When I get a red spot though I tend to apply some concealer on top as well to boost the coverage. Hope it helps.