About me

My name is Alice and I am a 39 years old mum of three little ones who has decided to create a blog around her makeup passion to keep sane and have some fun. Before becoming a mum I got a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and worked for a few years as an executive assistant in different international companies in Italy and the UK. I am Italian but I have been living in the UK since 2004.
Of course there is more to life than makeup but as Oscar Wilde put it "there is nothing more necessary than the superfluous"...
I started using makeup as a teenager to conceal my flaws and soon grew in love with all the different products, textures and colours to enhance my best features. Now that I am nearly 40 years old I still love playing with makeup not only to conceal or to reveal but also to express my creativity (even though I am not a makeup artist) as if my face was a canvas...
Can I go out bare face? Most days I wear makeup because it makes me feel better but sometimes I go out bare face because wearing makeup is not practical or I do not have time to put it on, or simply because I do not feel like wearing it and I know I am still the same person.  

Skin type: combination
Skin colour: fair/light olive
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: brown going grey now!

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